Equi'nov magnetic Blanket Equi'nov magnetic Blanket

Equi'nov magnetic Blanket


MInside® technology

With the action of several types of marine minerals at the very heart of the fibers thanks to the MInside® process, Mémofibre® offers new revolutionary perspectives in terms of treating pain of inflammatory origins and reducing stress. Due to its natural ionizing action, MInside® allows synthetic fibers to act on the pH of intracellular liquids to stabilize them and bring them back to an optimal level for the body. This therefore promotes cell regeneration and therefore reduces the sensations of pain resulting from trauma to the body.

The MInside® process makes it possible to create an active textile material which produces a very low intensity vibrational field which resonates with the water in physiological liquids.

This mineral frequency causes a rebalancing of the ionization of intracellular water by stimulating the water molecules in areas with altered PH to exchange electrons between them to stabilize themselves and thus bring the surrounding PH back to (+ or -) 7, its optimal original state, homeostasis. This allows injured cells to find an environment suitable for their regeneration. Regularly wearing the Equi'Nov blanket allows muscle and joint tension to gradually disappear and reduces pain by regulating body dysfunctions.

The mode of action

During an injury, illness or any other trauma to the body, the PH of the affected area is altered to a greater or lesser extent. This modification of the PH causes a reduction in the regeneration capacities of the surrounding tissues by creating an ionic imbalance of intracellular water, oxidation and an alteration of the acid-base level in the affected area, leading to pain, inflammation, edema, etc. .

The Equi'Nov blanket helps reduce pain and swelling, while stimulating blood circulation. It promotes the elimination of toxins and healing and recovery processes. Its use is therefore recommended for the preparation of muscles and tendons before and after exercise.

The Equi'Nov team works every day to design devices that meet the specific needs of horses, in collaboration with professionals from the equestrian world: veterinarians, riders, jockeys, trainers, owners........ Performance of your horse depends on its well-being with optimal preparation for competition and effective recovery after exercise.


The different sizes

Equi'Nov blankets are currently available in 3 sizes:

Size SMALL: 135 / 183 / 6.0

Size MEDIUM: 145/190/6.3

Size LARGE: 155 / 206 / 6.9