Pets'Nov compressive cryotherapy splint Pets'Nov compressive cryotherapy splint

Pets'Nov compressive cryotherapy splint


Analgesic effect                         Anti-hemorrhagic effect                             Muscle relaxant effect                            Anti-inflammatory effect


Compressive cryotherapy

Through vasomotor, biochemical and neuroconduction phenomena, cold pressure produces several particularly beneficial effects in traumatology and in the postoperative aftermath. The lowering of the temperature locally causes a sort of anesthesia, which produces an analgesic effect (reduction of pain). The temperature and rate of tissue cooling influence vasomotor effects which, associated with pressure, generate vasoconstriction causing a reduction in blood flow. Following the application of cold, spinal reflex pathways produce a strong inhibition of gamma motor neurons and, consequently, a significant reduction in muscle tone. 

This has the effect of stimulating the healing of muscles and tissues. Finally, cold pressure reduces metabolic activity by generating a strong reduction in the enzymes responsible for inflammation and their activity. The combination of these effects allows Pets'Nov products to be an essential tool for faster recovery with easier and less painful rehabilitation.

Pets’Nov splints

Pets’NOV splints combine the advantages of cryotherapy and static compression, which increases the effectiveness of the cold tenfold. This compression can be manual using the pump provided in the kit or automatic using the Cryo Push. They therefore constitute an extremely effective aid to rehabilitation. They are recommended for postoperative care in surgery (cranial cruciate ligaments), for trauma but also to relieve pain during an osteoarthritis attack. The Pets'Nov splint kit is composed of a suitcase, protective lycra fabric, a pump for manual compression, a freezer bag, two support straps and a splint with integrated cold pack.

3 Models:

Reference: VET20-AC-S for size S, recommended for dogs weighing 15 to 25 kg. 

Reference: VET20-AC-M for size M, recommended for dogs weighing 25 to 35 kg. 

Reference: VET20-AC-L for size L, recommended for dogs weighing more than 35 kg.


The Cryo Push

The Cryo Push module is an automatic device that can be connected to 1 or 2 Pets'Nov splints simultaneously. It allows an intermittent flow of air to circulate inside the Equi'Nov splints, so as to improve the effectiveness of cold diffusion (intermittent compressive cryotherapy). Easy to use, it will allow you to adjust the duration of use as well as the level of compression intensity.

Transportable, light and autonomous, it comes with rechargeable batteries.

Certain products (envelopes) from the Cryo Push range are compatible with dogs. Contact us if you would like information

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