Equi'Nov Hock splint Equi'Nov Hock splint

Equi'Nov Hock splint


Compressive cryotherapy

Through vasomotor, biochemical and neuroconduction phenomena, cold pressure produces several particularly beneficial effects in traumatology and in the post-operative aftermath. The lowering of the temperature locally causes a sort of anesthesia, which produces an analgesic effect (reduction of pain). The temperature and rate of tissue cooling influence vasomotor effects which, associated with pressure, generate vasoconstriction causing a reduction in blood flow. Following the application of cold, spinal reflex pathways produce a strong inhibition of gamma motor neurons and, consequently, a significant reduction in muscle tone.

This has the effect of stimulating the healing of muscles and tissues. Finally, cold pressure reduces metabolic activity by generating a strong reduction in the enzymes responsible for inflammation and their activity. The combination of these effects allows Equi’Nov products to be an essential tool for faster recovery with easier and less painful rehabilitation.

The Equi'Nov Hock Splint

The Equi'Nov Jarret splint is unique on the market, because it is the only device that offers 3 different and complementary technologies: cryotherapy, compression and magnetic field. Static compression is carried out by a manual pump, included in the kit, or automatically using the Cryo Push. It was designed to promote recovery after trauma, surgery or after exercise. The cold pack is directly positioned in the inner tube, thus reducing any handling. It always remains flexible to adapt perfectly to all body types. The magnetic fabric also reduces pain and swelling, while stimulating blood circulation. It promotes the elimination of toxins and healing and recovery processes. Finally, it helps prepare the muscles and tendons for exercise. The Hock Brace is available in an adjustable universal size.

Cryotherapy and magnetism for horses provides an analgesic, anti-hemorrhagic, muscle relaxant and anti-edema effect.


Magnetic fabric

With the action of several types of marine minerals at the very heart of the fibers thanks to the MInside® process, Mémofibre® offers new revolutionary perspectives in terms of treating pain of inflammatory origins and reducing stress. Due to its natural ionizing action, MInside® allows synthetic fibers to act on the pH of intracellular liquids to stabilize them and bring them back to an optimal level for the body. This therefore promotes cell regeneration and therefore reduces the sensations of pain resulting from trauma to the body.

The MInside® magnetic fabric used for the design of Equi'Nov products is the result of mineralogy research technology. The combination of these minerals of oceanic origin mainly acts on the PH of the water molecule, the main constituent of living matter. Helps reduce pain and swelling while stimulating blood circulation. The magnetic field accelerates the healing process and the elimination of toxins. It is an ideal ally for preparing horses' muscles and tendons before a competition and after exercise.

The Cryo Push

The Cryo Push module is an automatic device that can be connected to 1 or 2 Equi'Nov splints simultaneously. It allows an intermittent flow of air to circulate inside the Equi'Nov splints, so as to improve the effectiveness of cold diffusion (intermittent compressive cryotherapy). Easy to use, it will allow you to adjust the duration of use as well as the level of compression intensity.

Transportable, light and autonomous, it comes with rechargeable batteries.

Certain products (envelopes) from the Cryo Push range are compatible with horses. Contact us if you would like information

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